Blade Holder mit Skala

Metal blade holder in aluminium, with scale!

For cutter plotters HP 7475 A,7585, HP-Draft pro etc.
Suitable for the conversion from pen plotter to cutter plotter!
Adjustable height blade holder with double ball bearings!
With magnetic holder and once again with the tried and trusted Neodym magnet.
Once the height is set it stays set!
Unintentional displacement is not possible.
The trick (two rubber principle)
Two rubber retention is the innovative way to clamp the adjustment pin.
You also receive a three page guide to perfect conversion of plotter HP 7475A with pictures and with further blade suppliers as a free bonus! Simply request the guide additionally with your order in the order form.
Price: ONLY 57. -- EURO gross, a super price for this model!

Blade Holder + Skala: Cklick BIG PIC!

Plus agreed postage costs

postage costs BRD: 6,90 EURO (Einschreiben, inkl. Handling)
postage costs europäische Union: 19,90 EURO (inkl. Handling)
postage costs International: 29,90 EURO (and Schweiz)

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For cutter plotters HP 7475 A,7585, HP-Draft pro ...
DraftMaster I (7595AD)
DraftMaster II (7596AD), 7550A, 7570, 7580A, 7580B, 7585A, 7585B, 7586B
DraftPro DXL, DraftPro EXL and compatieble.
IBM, EnCad, Roland and compatieble plotters.
And all Mimaki, Mutoh GP4230, iP100, iP210, iP500, iP530, xP-Serie,
Linseis, IBM (no 750)
Mutoh iP 100, 200, 230, 500, 510, 530, 550
OCE-Graphics 61012, 1022, 1052,Taxan KPL 715
Houston Instruments Image Maker: Digital LVP16, IOLINE LP 3700, 4000
Kipp & Zn BD 3700, 4000; OCI 928 (American Laser);
PanasonicVP 6803P
Seconic SPL-430, 450, 455, 600, 800, 880, 100
Siemens 9009-40, 9009-30

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