CNC machines

Blade holders CNC

Here you get a knife holder for CNC machines with unique automatic pressure regulation of high-quality aluminum.


Ingenious details

New Kniffe holder (Cutterholder adjustable)
Blade Holder for CNC Milling Mashine with 43h7 ; Ask us we give You answer:
Knife holder is about 8 mm very large
weight without the knife: ~ 120g
adjusts for 43h7 for CNC Milling mashine
Price: 139. -- EURO, Plus agreed postage costs.

Plus agreed postage costs

postage costs BRD: 6,90 EURO (Einschreiben, inkl. Handling)
postage costs europäische Union: 19,90 EURO (inkl. Handling)
postage costs International: 29,90 EURO (and Schweiz)

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